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“The Perfect Blend” READ Bukky & Russell’s Inspiring Love Story + Proposal & Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Xpression Visuals

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Bukky and Russell’s love story is a true definition of what it means to be loved by your soulmate! Yes, indeed there’re some who fall in love right with their own reflection. These two love birds see themselves in each other and what better way to spend the rest of your life with another but same version of you!

We are excited to share their inspiring love story with you, read and be inspired by love, photos courtesy of 1st Xpression Visuals. Enjoy!


Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 4


How they met:


Our Story The Meeting It was August of 2013, at my office in Ikeja. Hilda, my younger sister, had given her high school friend, Bukola my contact number to call me because she had somehow come across a business I was doing at the time at another high school friend’s in which she was interested, and I happen to be the major contact of that business at the time therefore, meeting /discussing with me was inevitable. Somehow she finally called me one day, introduced herself as my sister’s friend and her reason for calling and we scheduled a meeting at my office in Ikeja. She came and we talked, about the business and that’s how it (the business) begun.

After she left my office that day, I put a call through to her much later to ask if she got home safe and she seemed nice to talk to. Fast forward to 3 weeks later, we were serious business partners. The Love Affair We became friends and talked on phone almost every day.


Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 5


I loved her personality and was amazed that such a young girl, an undergraduate at the time, is trying to do business and make some legitimate money for herself rather than depend on whatever she got from home. By late October 2013, I’d grown so fond of her and decided to ask her out. I made a trip to visit her in school and asked her to be my girlfriend…and as expected, she said let’s see how it goes and that was how it all started. It’s been love ever since.

We’ve become so in love that we talk about everything…I mean everything. We do everything together. At about a year into the relationship, I realized she is my female version…like if I were to be female I’d be her. It was then I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her… I mean, who else would I rather spend my life with if not my female version.


Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 7



The Proposal


By October of 2015 I decided I had to propose to her that year, she had graduated from university, done her NYSC and was working…so it had to be that year before some “knuckle head” go all smart on me. However, I didn’t know how to go about it.


I decided to call up her closest friend who was in London at the time. She gave me a few ideas and some of the things Bukola likes, including flowers and all. Another tough one for me was choosing a ring she would love and one that would be her perfect size. I check out a jewelry shop she had always tagged me on Instagram( I took that as a cue)…but it was difficult to do all of that without raising suspicions, considering how close we had become and she definitely is a smart one.


Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 9


One day, I sneaked out of the office during work hours (I hope my boss doesn’t read this), there was traffic – even better – although she takes that route to work, but to avoid being seen, I had to trick her to take another route in which she ended up sitting in traffic for. I felt so bad, but I couldn’t help it, I had achieved something – I picked out a ring. That week, before the proposal ,I tried getting her to go on a romantic date with me but she kept postponing and postponing , but I understood she had a contract work she needed to finish and deliver before Christmas day which was a lot of work.

On the 23rd of December, a special card I had ordered was delivered to me at my office and I just couldn’t wait any longer to ask her to be my wife. So I stopped by at a florist, bought some fresh flowers , went to pick her from work. But immediately she got in the car, she started going on about her terrible day at work- my heart sunk! As we drove , I kept trying to picture the proposal in my head.


Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 11


Once we got to my apartment, I rushed out of the car, grabbed my bag, told her I needed to go to the toilet that she should park the car properly. As she walked in, there I was on one knee, the flowers and the ring in my hand and soft music playing in the background, …she walked in, saw me and she started to laugh even before I could utter one word. I managed to put the words together as she stood and stared and laughing, “will you marry me?”

I asked – she hugged me and said yes! We were both so excited that we didn’t even know what finger the ring should go in…and she loved the ring…and the flowers…and the card…she read it out loud reason after reason and was grinning ear to ear.


Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 13


I was happy… I’m still happy, knowing that we will walk side by side, doing great things together for the rest of our lives. She is my reflection, my female version, my beloved, my personal shopper, my dietician, my woman, my everything and more. – RUSSELL He is my main man, my lover, my male version, my teacher, my guardian,my time keeper, my movie partner, my best friend, my first choice, my fasting & prayer partner, my very own intelligent nerd, my Ruddy, my one & only, my love forever & a day more. – BUKOLA We will be getting married by Mid-2016 and we both can’t wait to be officially together. – #BUKIRUSS”


Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 18Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 19Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 17Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 16Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 21Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 22 Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 23Bukky & Russell Pre-Wedding Photos | 1st Expression Visuals 3


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    July 27, 2016

    Goodluck good people. God bless I’m so inspired