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Afaa and Percy’s Cute Love Story | 7th April Photography

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We love a cute story and Afaa and Percy’s love story is too cute! Please read and enjoy….

Percy 1st spotted Afaa in September 2013, at Nnamdi azikiwe airport , Abuja .nigeria .. When she was returning to portharcourt after attending her sisters law call to bar ceremony in Abuja … In that moment … Percy said to himself ‘this is my wife ‘… But he couldn’t foster the courage to walk up to her so he just sat there and admired her from a distance till her flight was announced and she walked away to board the plane …he began regretting why he didn’t ask for her number after she had gone but as God will have it he came across a guy who works with Arik airlines who had helped him purchase his ticket earlier , they got chatting and loh and behold the guy also turned out to be her airline ticket agent … he immediately asked him for her contact number and even had to give him some money in exchange for the number …

Filled with so much joy he began calling that day and unfortunely Afaa was very reluctant to give him any audience because she didn’t personally give him her number and didn’t entertain such gestures … But Percy was adamant and very persistent and kept calling and messaging her but Afaa didn’t bulge ..he began searching everywhere he went for her but sadly he just never set eyes on his ‘bride’ again … All this went on for about 8 months and luckily while Percy had travelled abroad on a course , he came across afaa’s Facebook profile and Whatsapp picture on his colleague and friend’s phone ..
He was really excited and pleaded for an introduction between them but his colleague was very reluctant to do the hook up .. He kept on pushing and as fate may have it … On a faithful day in June 2014 he attended a party with that same colleague and friend and who would walk in looking really beautiful and breathtaking but his ‘one and only ‘ crush ??and true love .. Afaa … He quickly rushed over to her with his friend by his side , his friend did the introductions (officially) of course … and he immediately took over from there .. Offering to get her drinks but she turned down the request (lol).. He also asked for a dance but got turned down too … But this time was different , Percy was very determined and bold and he kept pushing … She was there with her twin sister and her friend and he kept asking for her number but she kept saying no , he even had to plead with them … It got to a point where he got down on his knees and pleaded .. Saying (Afaa pls I am on my knees and I will not leave until I have your number and permission to call you ) .. And in that moment .. Afaa smiled and told him to go and come back in awhile .. She would give him the number the next time he comes … After awhile she walked out of the party with her friend and sister and got into her car ready to drive off home when Percy appeared from nowhere in front of the car and said .. Quote ‘(you will hit me today if you don’t give me your number )’… It was just really funny ..

Afaa’s twin then persuaded her to give him the phone number which she finally did and he let her drive off with a huge grin on his face … And of course the phone calls began again and as usual Afaa wasn’t totally receptive but she picked up the calls and spoke to him nothwistanding … She kept posting him regarding having a date until one faithful she randomly decided to meet with him and have dinner too … It was like magic …

They just clicked … They Chatted and jisted all evening and over the phone everyday , we were inseparable and Afaa kept asking Percy and wondering why all this while she just avoided meeting him … He turned out to be her knight in shinning armor …Because he was such an admirable , amazing and perfect guy for her ., constantly making her smile ….Consequently they went on multiple dates afterwards and 5months from that day on the 13th of December Percy engaged Afaa by surprising her at a little closenit inter family get together at her elder brothers house …Percy got down on one knee ,gave a long ,heartfelt speech With beautiful roses and the beautiful 18k diamond ring with blue rubies in his hand , and asked Afaa to spend the rest of her life with him … And trust Afaa ., in the midst of al the joy and surprise , she was still very concerned about the fact that she actually wasn’t wearing any makeup and asked her twin to get her some powder (lol) , .. Which she didn’t bother getting anyway … before taking pictures or making videos … It was very shocking that everyone was aware of Percy’s plans except Afaa … It was just a really wonderful moment and since then Afaa and Percy have been inseparable …
The Detailed Engagement story .

On that faithful Saturday evening … Afaa ca

me home and was trying to get ready to go pay her elder brother , his wife and their new baby a visit… And Percy was supposed to pick her up from her house and accompany her … Strangely her twin sister kept trying to convince her to wear a nice dress and some makeup but Afaa was adamant … She kept saying ‘it’s just a regular visit … Nothing serious why should I dress up ?… After much persuasion and Continuous refusals, ingi (afaa’s twin sister) gave up and drove out claiming to be late for a date… Only to be caught later by Afaa when she arrived at her brothers house …

After much merrymaking and drinking and dancing and jisting , Percy got up and was acting quite shady , he said he left something in his car and he went out to get it with his friend , after awhile they came back and the music was turned down and it began … Percy stood up and started giving a heart warming overwhelming speech, and got down on one knee and asked Afaa the magical question …. Whilst this was going on ..

Drama queen Afaa kept asking for makeup of any kind and she kept asking her twin why she didn’t force her to wear something nice… Because she looked very ordinary… After the comedy and much laughs… Afaa said yes and percy gently slipped the ring on her finger , Afaa was perplexed and overjoyed … It was magical … (But I didn’t cry though)…lol …Percy and Afaa kissed and hugged … And that was the beginning of their life together … The wedding dates are 3rd and 5th of December 2015… Save the date ???…






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