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She Has Been Expecting This For Months! When It Finally Happened, She Never Expected it! READ Abiola & Omolayole’s Sweet Marriage Proposal Story! 

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Whoop whoop Abiola FINALLY got the ring, after expecting it for months! The excited bride-to-be shared with us her proposal story, read and be inspired!

How he asked:

By the bride to be, Abiola….

Yesterday was one of the happiest days of my life because i got engaged to my best friend. ❤️❤️❤️! I had been waiting on this ring for months tho.

When boo asked me out to dinner on my last birthday i was super excited because i thought he was going to propose, so i got my nails done and got all dressed up for the ‘anticipated proposal’. I was so disappointed and sad when he dropped me off at home and said good night love. (in my mind i was like what is so good about the night…pleaseee). .

The most painful part was when i had to remove my fixed nails because of work the next day.?

I was expectant on Christmas but same old story, no ring..

1st of January came, still no ring..

So when boo asked me out to dinner at my favourite restaurant yesterday, i didn’t suspect anything because i didn’t think he would propose on an ordinary day, and since Vals was just a week away i least expected it. .

After dinner, he stepped aside to get the bill just to come back with a little red box. My heart started racing and i realized the moment i had been waiting for was finally here. He sat and held my hands, said a whole lot of sweet things then got down on one knee and asked ‘do you promise to be mine forever’? and i said yes!!!!!!
Oluwadamilola, you made me realize that it is not about getting a ring on the perfect fingers but it is about getting a ring from the perfect guy. I love u so much my baby and I promise to love you till forever!


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