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A Corsage For The Necklace or Gele? Check Out These Gorgeous Bead Jewelries By Art Smith Collection

Gbenga Dada, CEO Art Smith Collection is back with some beautiful bead Jewelry that will surely tickle your fancy. Working with other talented vendors in the industry, to produce these stunning portraits, that will excite you. With makeup and gele by iPosh Looks and the beautiful Aso-oke by CEO Mania Alaso-oke, why not draw some inspiration from these bridal looks created? Be inspired!



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1 Comment
  • kevwe
    June 26, 2015

    woah ! pretty make up, pretty lady, NO on the corsage thingy. dont like it on the gele or neckpiece……. and finally y on earth would you purposely show off your stretch marks like that. strtch marks got me all distracted.