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10yrs of Uplifting Love & Friendship! Dami & Gbenga’s Love Story is a ‘MUST READ’ | Weezy Scott Photography

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Welcome back lovers! These pre-wedding photos  your are about to see, are joyful to look at, I can guarantee you that! I’ve never seen a couple laugh so much, enjoying each other’s company whilst the flash lights and camera action are on!
You’ll be inspired by the great chemistry and friendship Dami and Gbenga exudes, like seriously when you look at these two, you’d know that there’s a lot of laughter, joy and genuine friendship within and between them that significantly radiates through whatever screen you’re viewing this post from, it’s simply infectious!
Dami and Gbenga is an obvious definition of the phrase “marry your best friend” and I want to believe, that these 3 important attributes these two love birds posses and more is what getting married to your best friend means and of course what marriage is all about!
Read their love story below and be inspired!
I remember how badly I wanted university of Ibadan but God never gave a yes to that request, 3 years later University of Lagos came through and I not-so-happily accepted; we were in the same lecture room everyday for almost a year and I did not even pick the face though I knew there was one hot girl somewhere that looks like she was for only the big boys….one fateful day I saw her after results and she asked if I had done registration and other things, all i kept saying was “no and I dont know” she looked at me and said ” so what do you know” I told myself “I sha know you are a fine girl” and i kept walking.
Shortly after that we met again at college of medicine Luth, finding out we were about to study the same course and from that moment…we clicked in all aspects, we became inseparable, 3 years of healthy friendship and 7 years of a loving, understanding, educative, progressive, uplifting relationship. 10 years with you has been nothing but amazing, it’s the best decision I ever made.
One thing I value above our love is the friendship we share…”dee” you got me and I got u this I know for sure. I promise to always be your friend first.
My lover my bestfriend…..count down to forever with you.
Accessories: @tavinbeads @tiwabola
Mua: @st.clairesmakeover
Bride’s outfit: @aracouture_
Groom’s outfit: @hydeearmani @kstitches
Photography: @weezy_scott
Planner: @deenahgoldevents

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