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Nigerian Wedding Presents 10 Must-Have Glam Photos EVERY Bride Should Take With Her Bridesmaids on The Morning of Her Wedding

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Your Nigerian wedding day is fast approaching, you want to look back at your wedding photos and can’ take your eyes off your album! We’ve curated some of the most beautiful, fun yet glamorous bridal prep photos ideas for you, to make sure that your photographer captures some of the candid,  most intimate and real moments where your  family and close friends are there helping you do everything, from buttoning up the back of your dress to keeping you relaxed and in good spirits before you say “I do.”

We’ve prepared a list of 10 must-have shots you need to pass along to the photographer before they start snapping away on your big day.

1. Matching ‘maids in robes : Always a fun trend to take on for the morning of the wedding.

Photographs by Akara
2. Raise your glasses! It’s never too early to celebrate your last few moments before you tie the knot with the girls.


Photo by C and K Photography
Photo by C and K Photography


3. Opening a few gifts : Everyone wants to see your reaction to the heartfelt gifts from close friends and family.

4. Which bridesmaid are you?: This is definitely one of my favourite bridal prep photo idea! Get your bridesmaids to show off their personality perfectly through photos!

5. Putting on the dress : This classic and timeless shot is a given for the wedding album.


6. First reactions to the rings : This is when the “oh my gosh you’re getting married” reality finally sinks in for every one. Priceless!

7. Group hugssss : This is a very playful moment you’re going to want to get on film.

8. Prayer works : Whether you’re praying or just taking a quiet moment with your lovely ladies, ask your photographer to get up close and personal to snap a very intimate moment of the bridal party. You won’t regret it.

9. Selfies/ Usies: Selfies and Usies have come to stay, and lately we’ve seen loads of ideas on the gram! Either your girls do it like the photo below or y’all take it in groups!


10. A special dance: It’s time to relax those nerves! Why not do a dance routine to your favourite songs with your girls? This will be a hit!!!


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