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1 Year Down, Forever To Go! Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary James & Georgina | BridgeGap Media

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It was James and Georgina’s 1st year wedding anniversary yesterday 30th August 2015, and we’ve decide to honour them by sharing some photos from their wedding, courtesy of BridgeGap Media! As well as their love story, the wedding details a d advice for enaged couples. Be inspired!

How Did You Meet *

Some couple like to tell the extended version while others keep it short and simple. Please do what you feel comfortable with

We first met when I was invited to attend one of my friend’s church for a program that I had attended previously around the Easter period. My friends church generally knew me already as I had attended a few other programs when she had invited me to them. This particular program was in April 2012. James was playing the drums but I had not noticed him and knew nothing about him. Apparently my friend had told James about me and I knew nothing. At the end of the program we were introduced to each other as we were shoved into a car that was conveniently going in the same area of London that we both lived in. There the story begins…..



The Proposal *

It was just James and I during the proposal, I like small and intimate and did not what a huge crowd. The location was the front porch of my parents house with me in my pyjamas ready for bed (shows how unexpected it was). The proposal was in the early morning of the day our two families were to have the formal introduction, 24th August 2013.

The ring we had picked it together and is white gold with small diamonds on the shoulder with a centre stone of amethyst (purple gem). He had told me that he had cancelled the ring order because they were taking too long, unbeknownst to me it was untrue.



Wedding Colours *

Traditional – Blue and white

White Weddings – Silver and purple


Wedding Theme & Explanation of Ceremonies *

We did not particularly have a theme just colours that we put together. The traditional was mainly planned by my mum who sorted out all the décor and food. All James and I really did was buy the baby blue lace material and sew the outfit for the traditional. We tried to keep it as small and intimate as possible.

Wedding Attire Details

The Dress! *

I actually cannot remember the brand of my dress but I can tell you it was and is gorgeous. It is ivory with heavy beading with very small cap sleeve and has an open back in the shape of a heart. If I am honest it was not the type of dress I thought I would go for but when I tried it on in the shop in front of my mum and sister I knew it was that dress. At the reception we both changed into a traditional outfit made from lace that was midnight blue and cold in colour.

Description of the Groom’s Suit *

The groom and best man’s suit were midnight blue and tailor made by Jon Kruger


Groomsmen’s Attire & Bridesmaids’ Dresses *

The groom’s men suits were purchased from Next and were Charcoal grey.

The bridesmaid’s dresses were purchased from David’s Bridal in Stratford. They were long halter neck dresses in the Cadbury’s shade of purple.

Bridal Makeup & Hair for Traditional & White Wedding *

The same person did my makeup and hair for both the traditional and white wedding, ChiChi from Chic beautician. For the traditional I wore a silver headtie and my makeup had a hint of blue to match the outfit.

The white wedding makeup and hair was simple and elegant

Traditional Wedding/Engagement Attire Details *

Silver aso oke was purchased and brought over from Nigeria. The blue lace we sewed was purchased online from Christex.

Vendor Details

Photographers *

All supplied by Bridgegap Media – [email protected]

Wedding Planners *

No wedding planner but on the day we did have a coordinator at the reception her name is Sherry-Lee Olalaye
Cake (Please differentiate Traditional & White Cakes) *

Traditional cake was arranged by the bride’s mum and was in the shape of a house with children.

The white wedding cake was made by Cakes by Millie. The design of the cake was a joint design done by myself and executed by my younger sister. It had 4 tiers, 2x fruit cake and 2x sponge cake. The design on each layer slightly different and with purple flowers

Advice for other Couples *

Attend pre marriage counselling as it is a one of many prep tools for your marriage. Pray together as often as you can and try not to let the whole prep period get the better of both of you. You are supposed to be a team. Also give yourselves enough time to prepare, but remember you can never get everything absolutely perfect, we are human.


Decor/Decorator *

Decorator for the Reception was Ms. T décor

[email protected]
Bouquet *

Bouquet was also created by Ms T

It was made from synthetic flowers of differing shades of purple, embellished with some stones. She also made the corsages for the bridesmaids and flower pins for the groom and groomsmen

Other Vendors ~ Food, Drinks, Invitations, Favours etc… *

Invitations were ordered online from


Advice & Special Moments
Highlights of the Day *

Walking down the aisle to see a full church.

Groom sung worship at the reception before giving his speech.

Shocking out on the dance floor



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  • Eny
    September 1, 2015

    Simple & Lovely! May God bless your new home