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Gigi and Brian’s Beautiful Surprise Proposal | Klala Photography

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We love a romantic, well thought marriage proposal andΒ Gigi and Brian’s beautiful surprise proposal beautiful captured by Klala Photography, will make you all mushy inside. Check it out!

Gigi and Brian's Beautiful Surprise Proposal | Klala Photography

Love story

I met Gigi weirdly enough at my brother’s marriage introduction. I saw
her from afar n I was captivated by her smile n just how open n genuine
she seemed.

I walked up to her n said hello, n that was the best decision of my
life. I was struck by her warmth and just how pure her heart was.

I knew pretty soon afterwards that I had met the woman of my dreams, n
that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

Our time together has been nothing short of magical n I look forward to
a lifetime of joy, peace n happiness with the life partner.

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