• How To Choose Your Wedding Vendors Using INSTAGRAM

    March 3, 2018Nigerian Wedding

    Social media is a great tool for planning a wedding! And we at Nigerian Wedding are here to show you How To Choose Your Wedding Vendors Using INSTAGRAM! Whether you’re engaged or helping a friend choose wedding vendors on Instagram, we have some useful tips to help guide you in choosing not just the popular vendors but…

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  • How To Make Money From Your Wedding

    March 1, 2018Nigerian Wedding

    If you want to learn how to make money from your Nigerian Wedding, you’re in the right place! Whether you are a newly engaged bride-to-be, and you’re planning the most perfect wedding, or you are already married and would still like to make money from your big day, just sit tight. Having some extra cash after…

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  • Nigerian Wedding Presents 10 Must-Have Glam Photos EVERY Bride Should Take With Her Bridesmaids on The Morning of Her Wedding

    December 8, 2015Nigerian Wedding

    Your Nigerian wedding day is fast approaching, you want to look back at your wedding photos and can’ take your eyes off your album! We’ve curated some of the most beautiful, fun yet glamorous bridal prep photos ideas for you, to make sure that your photographer captures some of the candid,  most intimate and real…

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  • Nigerian Wedding: 9 Tips For Giving The Perfect Wedding Toast

    October 15, 2015Nigerian Wedding

    Delivering a speech at a wedding can go either ways, good or bad. We all know that a bad toast will be the most talked about highlight of the day, well for all the wrong reasons. So why not go the other way? Make it good, short, precise and perfectly spot on. Below are a…

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  • Nigerian Wedding: 7 Wedding Traditions & What They Mean

    June 19, 2014Nigerian Wedding

    It’s not the African or even Nigerian culture to wear white wedding dresses, have bridesmaids, carry bouquets etc. Today, I’ve dedicated this list of wedding traditions and their origins to wedding enthusiasts across the globe to learn and understand the many traditions that have evolved over time and not so many. 1. BRIDESMAIDS One of…

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