• Nigerian Wedding Trends: The Rise of Cascading Floral Bridal Bouquet

    May 13, 2016Nigerian Wedding

    Wedding bouquets are the ultimate expression of femininity for the bride. The perfect opportunity to express her own unique style through passionate vibrant colours and an array of floral scents and smells. Today, we are pleased to highlight the cascading bouquet, a gorgeous floral trend, for wedding flowers with impact among brides this year!. The…

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  • Nigerian Wedding: 20+ Beautiful Bridal Bouquet Ideas

    January 8, 2015Nigerian Wedding

    For the best bridal bouquet ideas there is no substitute for feasting your eyes on selections of beautiful bridal bouquet pictures! With these wedding bouquet ideas and unique bridal bouquets, you can choose the right arrangement for your special day. Every bride has her own special style and taste, no two brides, no two weddings…

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  • Nigerian Wedding: The 8 Different Types Of Bouquets & How To Choose The Perfect One For Your Wedding

    October 28, 2014Nigerian Wedding

    Choosing the perfect bouquet for your wedding may be easy if you know the different types of bouquets out there! If you are unsure of your choice in bridal bouquet styles, have a look at our bridal bouquet ideas and pictures below, there are lot of bouquet pictures in whites, yellows, blues, pinks, reds and…

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  • Nigerian Wedding: Introducing Diann Valentine Signature Bridal Cuffs

    September 24, 2014Nigerian Wedding

    First it was flowers, then floral papers, brooch & purse bouquet! Now, something new is springing up, courtesy of Diann Valentine, the custom bridal cuff with strings of flowers like orchids attached to it. Would you rock one of these? Yay or Nay? Don’t forget to FOLLOW us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

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  • Nigerian Wedding: Trend Alert- Huge Paper Flowers For Bridesmaids

    August 26, 2014Nigerian Wedding

    Apart from been an excellent curator! We pride ourselves in looking for trends, snooping to see what brides, bridesmaids, groom & groomsmen are wearing, the best wedding ideas and ofcourse unique touches and inspirational ideas to inspire our readers! We wrote a similar post about a year ago, and today we are very pleased to…

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