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November 7, 2018

Grab your tissues ladies & gentlemen! We’re back with another beautiful love story from #TheBags18, and photos of this elegant, fun loving couple. Like the saying goes, “Marry your best friend” which is exactly what Lauretta and Bisi are about to do with the help of one of our favourite wedding planners, Tessallure Events. They look so happy together and in love, so excited for you two!

Read their love story below, and the beautiful photos by Laphy Photography. Be inspired!



He is my true definition of LOVE “The Bride”

Lauretta and Bisola’s story began in 2011 in Osun state Nigeria. Lauretta was a student of Osun state university resided in Osun State whenever he comes around to visit his siblings who happen to study in the same university as Lauretta.

The couple today met for the first time at a party on campus, where Bisola thought to breeze in and out off until fate came to play. He’s eyes caught up with Lauretta and he walked up boldly and calmly and asked if he could be a friend.

Their relationship grew as friends and waxed stronger. The Bride records that Bisola is the most tolerant and persistent man she has ever and will ever meet in life. As a sharp guy, he could identify what he wanted (lol…)

In 2014, Lauretta & Bisola went their separate ways as life sometimes is unfair. Bisola travelled out to further his education in Middlesex university where he studied Information Technology and Business Information system.

In 2016, Fate reunited these love birds again through a mutual friend who has been their support system throughout the years who happens to be their best lady on this gracious day (Afolayan Folashade)

From the desk of the groom “Force Nothing. Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.

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I have always known all my years knowing what love meant who I wanted to wear my ring.  I didn’t have an idea of what the proposal will look like, but I kept playing the picture of her in my head.

In 2017, when it came to pass, I was confused about her ring size, I was only sure of her taste.

I reached out to the best lady of today to steal one of Lauretta’s fashion rings she was always wearing at that time. Mission was accomplished, this sorted out the ring size.

The ring was kept for over a month where she could never find it. I admired the ring every moment I passed by it and couldn’t wait for the day.

On October 2017, I took the bold step. I had already my plans figured out on how to get her to the venue I proposed (Maison Fahrenheit) in VI Lagos.

I had a friend call her up to act like a client who was interested in her services. They both scheduled a meeting for 6pm at the venue.



Lauretta was at the venue to time waiting patiently at the reception for her business meeting lol..  Nothing else would have brought her out at that time to the island if it wasn’t work related. I had my eyes on Lauretta while I was sitting somewhere she couldn’t see me waiting for friends and family who were invited.

I employed the service of an event planner (Lemonytouch) who figured out the beautiful decoration in the room by the pool side. It was indeed a beautiful sight to behold.

Lauretta was ushered by the so-called client from the reception and could hear her favorite song of that year MADE OF YOU by Banky W as she moved closer to the room. Friends and family had arrived and stood behind the curtain with their flash lights ready, I was down on my knees waiting for my beloved to walk in.

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Immediately she stepped in, she was in shock. She ran out and back, flashlights were all over her, she screamed as she read on the wall created with helium balloons “WILL YOU MARRY ME”

She ran to me and before I could say anything she screamed YES! Of course I will marry you. From this day, we have been inseparable, and I will love her unconditionally till the end of days.


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