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November 6, 2018

Happy Tuesday lovers! Today’s love tale celebrates Dolapo and Olusoji who are set to tie the knot very soon, and we are looking forward to one seriously gorgeous wedding event(s) planned by Tessallure Events! A love story almost a decade in the making, my screen has definitely been sprinkled with an extra dose of love, affection and passion today, and yours will too, I promise!

It is imperative that the perfect dream team comes together to help spearhead the perfect union for these love birds, and helming the duties of planning and design is Tessallure Events who definitely knows how to pull together a cohesive lineup of vendors. EEswat Makeovers & Adurable’s Touch waved their magical blush brush to bequeath the bride-to-be with a modernized, elegant look for her shoot. I absolutely love her glam makeup and elaborate updo! JOP Studios captured some heartwarming shots that would definitely make your day, just like it made mine, I’m grinning so hard right now…. from ear to ear!

Read their beautiful love story below, be inspired!


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Our Love Story


I met my OluSoji on the 8th of October 2010 through a mutual friend. Our mutual friend had spoken so highly of Soji and I was really loosing interest (in my head…what about him naa) It was blackberry era then, he added me and was always trying to chat me up, I would reply him days after (girlie ways) he tried severally for about a month, I wasn’t forth coming and he stopped. At this point, I was ready to start giving him attention, but he started seeing someone else and we became very close friends for about two years. In the two years, we were really cool buddies …played, cried, laughed, made plans together… We literally did everything together!!! I was forced to ask at a time what we were doing and he responded saying “we are just friends” I was so pained like *Oh mehn* lol but as a proud girl, moving on…I acted normal in my pain.

I was going to move on with my life and I guessed he noticed the withdrawal. So, on the 15th of October 2012, he was very fast to make it official (butterflies in my tommy) lol and YES !!! Our beautiful beginning kicked off.
It’s been 8 amazing years of riding with OluSoji mi, steady making a grown woman blush and I have no iota of doubt that I’m ready to do forever with you….With you by my side babe, the universe is ours.



I met my babygirl through a mutual friend, the same day Uti won Big Brother Africa guess 2010. I got attracted to her and I thought it was just going to be the normal flinging, little did I know this was going to be a lifetime journey as one . She wasn’t going to let me have my way just like that, I got her blackberry pin from our mutual friend…. if I send a message in the morning, she would reply at night or even the day after LOL, we were about this for one month and at this time, there was another lady so I decided to move on and let her be. Then, she started sending messages and giving in then we became friends as I was already in another relationship. Two years down the line, we were very good friends.

I woke up one day and told myself how much I love Dolapo and how I can’t stand loosing her and I was out of my other relationship so it was perfect timing…. I asked Dolapo to be my girlfriend and she said Yes and as they say, the rest is history…..

Our Proposal

I woke up on the 4th of May (our birthday) with an open mind as usual, little did I know what God had in store for me. My sisters insisted on taking me out for a dinner which I didn’t want to go because they were just getting on my nerves but one of them has my mumu button small plus boo called me and insisted I must go with them, that they had spent money reserving a table already, I was close to asking how much was spent so I could refund the money but boo just insisted, reluctantly I agreed, they kept telling me to look gorgeous as it was my last birthday as a single lady, I agreed reluctantly, then my friend came in and I told her I was going for my birthday Dinner, she also insisted on giving me a facebeat, I told her 20mins pls, she said ok,I didnt know boo was in Lagos already, he was telling me how Job had been so hectic over the week, he said he was so tired that he couldn’t even go out to celebrate his birthday
(in my mind that’s so unlike you baby)


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Then I got dressed, calls every 30mins, where are you now? I was getting attention from everyone, my friend gave me her food when I said I was hungry (it was strange, she’s not that nice at all) I said I was tired and couldn’t drive again, one of my sister’s ordered Uber and PAID(in my mind, can everyday please be my birthday) long story short , we got there, she was rushing me to start eating (Dolapo I paid a lot of money here) I got up to go refill my plate and I saw my other sisters, saw boo’s friends and then the BOO himself , like what’s happening (this explains why I ran away )

Then I got a ring , that moment is still very fresh in my head and I will forever cherish it. Thank you baby for doing all you did just to make me feel so special ,I love you babe. God gat us.

Vendors on INSTAGRAM

Makeup @eestwatmakeovers
Asooke @deroyalfabrics
Asooke tailoring @2504byolabicci
Turban styling @taiwos_touch
Bridal Stylist @styledbyseun
Grooms Stylist @tsignaturebespoke
Hair stylist @adurablestouch
Dress : @nkadz_ ( Red and white Dress)
@anncranberry (black ball dress)
@2504byolabicci (copper dress)

Accessorie for black outfits: @wowaccessorries
Accessories for white and black outfit @myvelvetboxng
Photography @jopstudios
Wedding planning by the bride @dodaevents
Event Coordinator @Tessallureevents

#SODaffairs2018 #happilyeverbellos

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