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Nigerian Wedding Presents A Guide To Traditional Weddings: What Happens At A Yoruba Traditional Wedding Ceremony

If you are not Nigerian or not Yoruba and would like to understand the Nigerian wedding culture, then this post is for you!

Inspired by Funmi & Muyiwa’s traditional wedding! I wanted to enligten you on how a typical Yoruba traditional “Engagement” wedding unfolds.


At a Yoruba traditional wedding, the family of the groom brings the customary gifts known as “Eru Iyawo” ( Read post on A groom’s guide to Yoruba Traditional Engagement List) these gifts includes a variety of items like a #Bible #EngagementRing #Suitcases #Umbrella #Palmoil #Kolanut #Goat and loadssss of cash for different rites etc! (That’s a pic of the items top left)! .

Then the groom’s family have to state their intention, in the form of a letter, which the #Alaga presents to the mother of the bride, and she presents it to the father of the bride (top middle pic). The bride’s younger sibling, Male or Female is called to read the letter, but he/she MUST dance first and get sprayed too, and the good part is, he/she keeps ALL the money! After dancing, she reads the letter the groom’s family sent!

The bride’s family then send their own letter via the #Alaga again to the groom’s family, that they accept their proposal and they are happy to give their daughter’s hand in marriage!

Once both family are in agreement! The Mother of the bride & the Mother of the groom dance with the Letters, taking it round tables to show off to the guests, dancing!

It’s so much fun to experience a traditional wedding, so much to learn! Be inspired!

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  1. D story isn’t complete naa. Wat abt d ibobale frm d groom and his frnds, d iyawo’s unveiling, d ekun-iyawo, d choosing of d bride’s most fav gift, d bride wearin d cap for her husby…etc. Nice piece/pics tho.

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