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Nigerian Wedding: Add Glamour to Your Wedding with Gold – Check Out These 9 Dazzling Gold Color Combination Ideas

As a bride, choosing to use or wear gold is a tradition that is in place because of the emotional implications of the rich color. Bright colors represent happiness, and gold is the most popular choice to pair with rich hues.

If you want to add glamour to your wedding … some dazzle … something special … consider adding gold! I have to admit that gold may not work for all scenarios. For example, gold might not be the best choice for an outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer. The reason for this opinion is that gold is such a warm color and it will only make the hot day seem hotter!

I have found nine wedding colors that pair really well with gold. There are many others that also work, but for this post, I’ll start with these nine.

Red and Gold Wedding Colors


The combination of red and gold is a dramatic one, and represents wealth and good luck- what better ideas to represent at a wedding?! There are so many ways to incorporate these traditional colors into your wedding, whether it is a red traditional attire or bridal gown, sparkling gold jewelry, or red and gold table/ chair linens.

White and Gold Wedding Colors


If you want a neutral palette and don’t want to use all white (or ivory) then consider adding gold. This is an easy palette to work with and it can create a refined and elegant look for your wedding and reception. This combination can work especially well if your wedding is in the winter. There is just something about the warm glow of gold on a cold evening that is especially appealing.

Black and Gold Wedding Colors

Nigerian wedding black and gold wedding color scheme

A black and gold combination is dramatic and dressy. Even though I am calling it “black and gold” you will surely want to add white to break up the two colors, as shown in the collage above.

Purple and Gold Wedding Colors

Nigerian wedding purple and gold wedding color scheme

Purple and gold can have a regal feel, especially when the shade of purple is a darker tone.

Pink and Gold Wedding Colors

Nigerian wedding pink and gold wedding color scheme

If you love pink but don’t want to color scheme to be too girly, add gold to take it up a notch in sophistication.

Mint and Gold Wedding Colors

Nigerian wedding mint and gold wedding color scheme

If there was ever a color just made for gold, it is mint! This combination works for day or night … indoors or out. Just a gorgeous combination!

Teal and Gold Wedding Colors


Teal and Gold is a unique color combination with the right shade of teal. Look how beautifully matched the above palette looks! Be inspired.

Burnt Orange and Gold Wedding Colors


This combination is perfect for a fall weddding. Orange is such a beautiful color amd when paired with Gold. It’s definitely mind blowing.

Emerald Green and Gold Wedding Colors


This shade of green is the favorite of many. Very rich and fertile looking. If you love green, do consider this color combination. It’s gorgeous!

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