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Nigerian Wedding: The 8 Different Types Of Bouquets & How To Choose The Perfect One For Your Wedding

Choosing the perfect bouquet for your wedding may be easy if you know the different types of bouquets out there! If you are unsure of your choice in bridal bouquet styles, have a look at our bridal bouquet ideas and pictures below, there are lot of bouquet pictures in whites, yellows, blues, pinks, reds and other floral arrangements to help in your decision making. There are different bridal bouquet types, so which style is perfect for you? Check the different types below….

With the many bridal bouquet styles, choose unique bridal bouquets and floral arrangement to making a lasting impression. It’s your day, your the STAR of the show. Below are the different bridal bouquet styles

1. Nosegay Bouquet


The nosegay is a small round shaped bunch of flowers and herbs, often containing more greenery than other bouquets, wrapped with satin or oraganza ribbons. This type of bouquet is very popular with flowergirls and bridesmaids.

2. Fan Bouquet

Photo by ATUNBI Photography

Photo by ATUNBI Photography

This is a simple bouquet of flowers attached to a lacy plastic fan. If you are having a victorian theme weddig, then this bouquet is perfect, popular for its old-fashioned, vintage style feel and if you are a bride that loves different, this is it!

3. Cascading Bouquet

Photo by RHPhotoarts

Photo by RHPhotoarts

This is by far one of the most sophisticated bouquet!This bouquet is designed to spill gracefully over the bride’s hands as it flows downward for a sophisticated and stylish look, almost any flower can be used in this style, but the most popular ones are the orchids, which is one of the reasons for its sophistication, as orchids are deem expensive and rather rare?

Photo by Ian Holmes & Catherine O'Hara

Photo by Ian Holmes & Catherine O’Hara

4. Bridal Cuff

Photo by Diann Valentine

Photo by Diann Valentine

A few weeks ago we introduced you to bridal cuffs by Diann Valentine, see HERE. Bridal cuff is made from a log chain of crystal with small flowers attached to it and worn on the wrist. More corsage than bouquet, this style is comprised of a small floral arrangement. Which is a great alternative to a traditional bouquet. Worn by brides and bridesmaids who want the look of a bouquet, but want the freedom of having their hands free. The bridal cuff can be made in any combination of flowers and is occasionally complimented with ribbons and beads.

Photo by Diann Valentine

Photo by Diann Valentine

5. Arm Sheaf Bouquet or Peagent Bouquet

Photo by Photonimi

Photo by Photonimi

This type of bouquet is inspired by the presentation bouquets given to the peagent contestants. They are long stemmed flowers and foliages that the bride carries cradled in her arm, also known as a presentation bouquet. It is a stunning alternative to more traditional styles of bouquets, as it is very chic, and tasteful.

Photo by GrayPhotograph.com

Photo by GrayPhotograph.com

6. Pomander Bouquet

Nigerian wedding pomander bouquet

The pomander bouquet is also known as a kissing ball. A pomander is a ball of flowers suspended from a loop of decorative ribbon. This is often carried sometimes by bridesmaids, and mostly by flower girls and junior bridesmaids.

Nigerian wedding blue bridesmaids dresses with pomanda bouquet

7. Posy/ Round Bouquet

Photo by Tunji Sarumi

This is one of the most popular style, these classic bouquet round and neatly tied together with ribbon of bouquet holder, and features a variety or a mixture of flowers. The posy became popular for brides in the Victorian era, so it is seen as one of the most traditional bouquets. If the posy is made with stem-on flowers it can be hand tied for a more rustic finish; if the stems are removed, floral wire helps to keep the arrangement in place and the blooms become more visible.

Photo by Image Plus Fotography

The biggest advantage of having a posy is that it can be held in one hand — and it’s easy to throw at the end of your big day, because it’s small, round and compact!

8. Composite Bouquet:


A composite bouquet of petals individually wired together to create one big, beautiful bloom. It is simple. It is dramatic. It is sophisticated. Also called Glamelia bouquet.


We hope by now, you will be able to know & tell the difference with bouquet. Which one is your favourite?

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